Alan Finch's Journal (1/3) is a note found along with the Key of Hunger in a safe in Medford Memorial Hospital.

Transcript Edit

"July 6th, 2080

Malden Center has been picked clean. Corwin and I have been sent out to try our hand at hunting. Imagine: fresh meat. No more stale old cram for us! Orville said he saw deer in the area, but everything we track soon disappears without a trace. It is infuriating.

July 10th, 2080

We've noticed a figure tracking us. Cor calls him Ithaqua: Wind Walker. He watches us hunt but disappears before we can get a good look. Corwin thinks he's been stealing our prey and has it in mind to capture the man, but I say leave him be. He cannot possibly be responsible all on his lonesome."

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