Soon after the Great War, the Boston Airport became a hub for refugees and displaced survivors across the Commonwealth, as people wandering the wastes were attracted towards the airport's tower, which towered above the surrounding area. So many survivors came to the airport that some had to start sleeping within the indoors parking lot since the rest of the airport had become so crowded. A few years later, due to unknown circumstances, the airport was no longer airtight, flooding the airport with high amounts of radiation. This deadly radiation turned the people residing within the airport into ghouls. The Metro Federation responded by fortifying the subway tunnel between Downtown and the Boston Airport and killing every ghoul that entered the tunnel before burning their bodies. After eventually being overrun be a second wave of feral ghouls, some of the surviving Federation soldiers retreated and sealed the tunnel gate shut, leaving their own comrades to die. By 2082, the airport is a tangled, toxic ruin completely infested with feral ghouls and flooded with intense radiation. The few wastelanders lucky enough to be turned into sentient ghouls were gunned down during their attempt to escape the airport by the Metro Federation, who do not distinguish between feral and sentient ghouls.