"What good do memories do you here? Don't you know that world is dead? You cannot change the past, only hope for the future."
—You Need to Let Go

Insanity is a broad term for the widespread violent mental illnesses plaguing the survivors of the Great War. Insanity is caused by a large variety of factors, mainly including indiscriminate killing, cannibalism, use of hard drugs, addiction, and general trauma.

Total Sanity Edit

Sanity is rated on a scale of 100-0. When a player's sanity drops below zero, they become insane. This is not permanent, as a player can always bring their sanity back above zero, given they have an ample supply of sanity restoring chems and alcohol. While there is no limit to how far one's sanity can go below zero, maximum sanity is capped at 100.

Positive Actions Sanity
Taking Thorazine +10
Taking Mentats +3
Consuming Fire Belly +2
Drinking Gwinnett Beverages, Whiskey, Vodka +2
Eating Brain Fungus +1
Drinking Beer, Wine +1
Eating any cooked pre-war food +1
Negative Actions Sanity
Eating raw meat or any uncooked pre-war food -1
Eating Strange Meat -2
Killing an adult -2
Taking Mystery Spit -2
Drinking Fungal Purge -2
Taking Jet -2
Taking Psycho -3
Killing a child -10
Using Mysterious Serum -10

Character and SPECIAL effects Edit

An insane character suffers -3 to their Charisma and Intelligence stats, affecting all derived abilities. In addition to this, a character suffering from insanity will become dramatically less accurate with conventional firearms due to their inability to concentrate on aiming properly, and they will be prone to intense hallucinations, some of which may further damage their sanity or even cause a fugue state.

Hallucinations Edit

When the player has gone insane, the loading screens will change from helpful and informative tips into strange and often meaningless messages or jokes. Some of these messages, however, seem to be cryptic instructions given directly to the player.