"July 28th, 2080

We were wrong. God help us and forgive us, we were wrong. He came to us. Ithaqua. He looked me dead in the eyes and I swear under that mask he smiled as he tore us apart. Tore the whole station apart. I cannot get out. The elevator is empty. I hear him coming. I cannot get out." - Alan Finch's Journal (3/3)

Ithiqua is twisted and hideous monster which lurks deep within Maldenline, worshipped by the Maldenmen as the Angel of Malden. The Maldenmen believe Ithaqua is a divine being sent to guide and protect them from the other hostile factions of the metro.

Origins Edit

Ithaqua is what has become of Dr. Earnest Flemmel, once a renowned scientist with CIT. Dr. Flemmel became the subject of a secret human enhancement research program under the direction of Dr. Richard Lerna. Designated HR-D5, he was moved to Parsons State Insane Asylum for extensive experimentation. During his time at Parsons he was exposed to Lorenzo Cabot's psychic influence, further damaging his already failing sanity. He became obsessed with immortality and believed the key was to "let go", i.e. to give into his baser instincts and abandon his humanity, eventually adopting the name Ithaqua. During the last phases of his experimentation, he was subject to a variety of controversial treatments, one of them being FEV. Due to the unique mutations caused by a combination of the mysterious serum and FEV, Dr. Flemmel shed his remaining humanity and morphed into a hideous abomination. After the Great War, the last surviving scientist in Parsons released Ithaqua, partially out of pity and partially due to Cabot's influence.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Ithaqua is a fast and dangerous opponent. In combat he moves on all fours in a fast and erratic manner, closing in to strike, then retreating. His speed combined with his low profile can make Ithaqua difficult to hit with firearms. He attacks with rapid blows of his clawed hands, one of which is enough to kill a poorly-armored survivor. Occasionally he will rear up to full height and roar, causing a small amount of AOE damage. Finally, Ithaqua's skull mask affords a measure of protection, significantly reducing the damage inflicted by headshots.

Curiously, while Ithaqua is highly resistant to gunfire, he appears to take increased damage from melee weapons. He is also highly vulnerable to fire (conveniently a flare pistol and several flares may be found in the tunnels outside his lair). Finally, he is just as susceptible to explosives as any creature in the wastes.

Gallery Edit

See Also Edit

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