Janus's Manifesto is a note found on a Survivor in Sunshide Tidings (possibly typo for Sunshine).

Transcript Edit

"Five years it took me to find the Snake, only to have them slip from my grasp. But here I am, with the answers.

No matter how hard I try, I'm plagued by the "old world blues". I can change my name, I can shed my past, I can put it all behind me, but it doesn't matter... I'm still the same "Sunshine Jack" I was so many years ago, wasting away those lazy summer days at the co-op.

Johnny and Allen'd pick up old Mister Handys and Protectrons for us to reprogram. We'd set 'em free. Wipe their memories and give them a new life, free from their overlords.

That's what I wanted for the Snake. I wanted to give the new start I couldn't give myself.

When the bombs came, we were alone. We barricaded ourselves in the cellar for a month or more, but we had no food. Allen went first. We had no choice. 

He saved us. We ate and lived long enough to make it to the tunnels, but we could never forget what we'd done. We could never let go...

I have seen where it all began, and I have seen where it ends. From the depths of the sea to the towers of Parsons and back again, I have seen it. 

And this is where it leads me.

Time to begin again."