Maj. Arthur Gannon's Journal is a note found in the Coast Guard Pier, next to a terminal.

Transcript Edit

"An Account of the New England Commonwealth, Year 2082

As penned by Gannon, A.


I broke the news to Beth today: they're cancelling my assignment and sneding me back east - to Boston. There's no ETA for my return. I think they mean to keep me out there forever.


These last few days on the rig go by too quickly. I find myself recalling all of the wonderful memories I've cherished here: the cabin where Beth and I first met, the research libraries where we would read each other ancient tales of heroism and bravery. Now it is my time to be the hero, though I wish it wasn't.


This mission's the big one. The President himself saw us off. They smiled and waved as they always do, but I know the deal. They won't let us back until we find their tech, I feel like the King leaving Uruk.


More progress. I've finally tracked down Bishop. He's hiding out with some of his old crewmembers up in Nahant. This could be it.


News from back west. Beth is pregnant! My wife and unborn son wait a continent away and all I've got is this locket and a blurry photograph.


After all this time, the story finally comes together. Ischar was the key. I know where the Columbia is a I know what waiting for us inside. This is big. Bigger than the Enclave knows. We're moving out immediately." 

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