Driven mad by strange forces, cannibalism, and satanic rituals, Maldenmen are extremely aggressive to all survivors and should be avoided. They are the end result of the insanity caused by sustained exposure to the influence of Lorenzo Cabot. As a result, the Maldenmen worship Lorenzo as a dark god, referring to him as "The Voice", and believe that Ithaqua is a divine being sent forth from this god to protect the Maldenmen.

The leader of the Maldenmen is Atreus Finch, a deer-hooded cannibal encountered in Medford Memorial Hospital. He was once known as Alan Finch and is responsible (along with his brother) for luring Ithaqua to Malden. He is the ancestor of Abraham Finch, who the Sole Survivor meets in 2287.

Territory Edit

Maldenmen usually aren't seen wandering the wastes and are encountered near Medford Memorial HospitalParson's State Asylum, Hallucigen Inc., or in the many different independent segments of Maldenline.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Maldenmen lack when it comes to high-quality weaponry. Their arsenal is made up mostly of home-made firearms and hacking blades, such as cleavers and machetes, and they occasionally use makeshift explosives. Survivors should still take extreme caution though, as these monsters wear durable armor and are highly capable melee combatants.