The Federation is a group of well armed survivors occupying many sections of the metro. They are one of the few groups that do not shoot survivors on sight, and have established a few well defended encampments across the metro, including the friendly settlement Downtown.

The Federation has established an authoritarian government, with Marchand as their leader. Marchand eventually lost his mind and became a cruel and tyrannical despot who holds absolute authority over the citizens of the Federation. Using his newfound power, he declared the Federation a sovereign nation under his leadership, and continued to govern by proclaiming that the Federation must remain the only sovereign power within the metro, thus declaring a costly war on the Metro Alliance. Very recently, Marchand died within his room in Downtown, likely due to overdose given the high quantity of chems and empty beer bottles surrounding his corpse. Despite his death, the citizens of the Federation still follow his orders and insane proclamations, likely due to the fact they are still unaware of his death.

The Federation makes no distinction between feral and non-feral ghouls, killing all form of ghouls on sight and usually burning their bodies, as seen in the subway tunnel connecting Downtown and the Boston Airport. Soon after radiation began leaking into the highly populated Boston Airport, the vast majority of the airport's settlers turned into feral ghouls, with only a few survivors becoming sentient non-feral ghouls. In response to this, Federation soldiers set up heavy fortifications in the subway line between Downtown and the Boston Airport to hold off the massive ghoul hordes, having been given orders to fire until they ran out of ammo. As the first onslaught of feral ghouls began, some of the airport's non-feral ghouls were caught in the battle while trying to escape the airport. The Federation soldiers, indiscriminate between feral and non-feral ghouls, gunned down these civilians and burned their bodies with the rest of the feral ghouls. Within the subway tunnel on top of an unburnt ghoul pile, the corpse of one of the airport's non-feral ghouls can be found, along with a note.

Sometime after holding back the first onslaught of ghouls, while the Federation soldiers were burning the corpses, a second even more massive horde of ghouls attacked the fortified subway line, possibly attracted by the smell of burning flesh. This time the feral ghouls overwhelmed the Federation's defenses. A surviving group of Federation soldiers retreated from their defensive positions back towards Downtown and sealed the subway's gate shut, leaving their own comrades to die. Very little remains of the Federation soldiers who were locked in the during the bloodbath, as their remains were consumed by the dozens of feral ghouls who still occupy the tunnel.

Territory Edit

Known locations occupied by the Metro Federation include Valenti Station, Downtown, the Boston Public Library, and the Blue Line.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Survivors need not fear the Federation; even though Federation soldiers are well equipped with potent firearms, they are non-hostile to friendly survivors.

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