Murphy Huffman's Journal is a note found on the body of an Alliance Volunteer on a bed in Post Office Station.

Transcript Edit

"We'd pushed them a good way up the Red Line, right up to their gates. The war was almost over; we were going to call for a truce. Since we'd clearly bested them, there was no need to sack their station. They'd been through enough. Besides, the real enemy was above. We needed to band together to survive.

That was the populer sentiment here. Why shed more blood than necessary? Hah. That was before we witnessed Marchand's madness.

Just as we approached the Redline Gate, they set off some kind of explosion. Took the whole tunnel down. Couldn't tell you how many good men and women we lost down there. Couldn't tell you how many they lost either.

William Marchand would rather watch his whole station die in a cave-in than see us pass through his gates." 

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