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Bearing much resemblance to the mirelurk hatchling found in 2287, the mutcrab is the humble ancestor of the Mirelurks inhabiting the wastelands centuries earlier.

Despite their small size, mutcrab are extremely dangerous, as they have developed glands which inject lethal amounts of venom into whatever they bite, killing the victim within seconds. If a survivor has a syringe of Med-x or Antivenom handy, they can use it to gain immunity to the deadly venom. If one survives the venomous mutcrab bite, they must clean and care for the wound left by the bite, as it will be very prone to infection.

Large nests of mutcrab eggs can be found along the shores and within many flooded building, usally in clutches of 5-6 eggs. If these nests are disturbed, the eggs may hatch, releasing the newborn and hostile mutcrab. If one manages to grab an undeveloped egg, they can cook it into a nutritious omelette.