Sara Schwartz's Diary is a note found in the Subway Line connected to Medical Center Station, in a dresser.

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"Yesterday Carly and I were talking and she said that Jeremy has a crush on me. It's kinda weird, I mean, we've talked a little but he's always kinda "there". He doesn't do much but I enjoy talking to him when we do talk. The only thing is that he has bad hygiene, he smells kinda funky sometimes and it's a big "ehh" for me. I know we don't have a lot of good running water but come on. She brought up Daniel and confessed that she really liked him, which I really wish she didn't do. It's not because I don't want her to like him, just that I miss him. I know he was kinda shitty sometimes but he was still my brother, talking about how you liked him isn't going to bring him back, or else Jason Deluge would have showed up a long time ago. I don't like Jason like that, but he was like another brother to me. More than Daniel was.

Jeremy asked my if I wanted to go sneak out to the MCM exit tonight. Obviously he wants to "make his move" or whatever you want to call it. I don't think I should but I told him yes. I still don't know how I feel about him and I have leaving the gates. Mom says that the station exits are where the radiation and mutants are. I'm torn here; I should ask Jeremy what we're gonna do before we go because I want to make sure we bring stuff to keep us safe."

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