The Wreck of the Liberty VI is a large makeshift settlement composed of several ships connected by planks and scrap. 

At its core is the shipwreck of the Liberty VI, which has been converted into a temporary base of operations for a group of US Army Remnants. At the top floor, there is a captain's quarters where the player can find the Operation Log on a survivor and the Order Form, along with Troy Bishop's Journal on a US Army Remnant. Additionally there is a key to Recon Bunker Theta and a terminal inside with the entry Property of Marcus Ischar -Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Tactical Considerations Edit

The Liberty VI is heavily guarded by hostile survivors, US Army Remnants, and several heavy automated turrets. Players may be forced to deal with one or several US Army Remnant soldiers donning full power armor; a threat that prepared players may be able to avoid through the strategic use of stealth boys.